What We are looking for?

We are seeking career agents. Experience is a plus but not a requirement, half of our agents had no prior insurance training. We offer complete classroom and on the job training. Some travel is required, so if you like helping others, are ambitious, coachable, trainable, and like to talk then contact us for any additional information on this career job opportunity.

We provide to agents.

1. Same day advances

2. 24 hour underwriting

3. Leads

4. A proven system that works

5. Simple 1 page applications

6. Medical and Dental benefits

7. Annual incentive trips

8. Lots of support for agents

9. Great customer service

10. live customer service

11. Fast claim payouts

What We do?

We offer final expense insurance which is a smaller amount of life insurance for the purpose of covering your final expenses before you expire.  Final expenses are things such as funeral and burials or cremation.  Death is just as natural as birth, and we all will have to dispose of our physical body.  We encourage our clients not to leave the burden of burying them on the family.  The family is already grieving because death is a very emotional process, we try to make this emotional process as stress free as possible.  

We insure from ages 1 month to 85 years old, up to 35,000, whole life coverage only. Whole life coverage is permanent coverage, payment will never change, policy amount will never increase or decrease, coverage will never expire as long as you make your monthly premiums, and you never have to ever qualify again, once approved. 

Areas We serve?

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee


(901) 375-4807




Eastgate Office Building
5118 Park Ave - Suite 111 - Lower Level
Memphis, TN 38117

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