Losing a loved one is a very difficult time for the family and loved ones.

The grieving process is different for us all, and at this very difficult time, we remove the burden from your loved ones by making sure that the family is burden free of any preparation.  We coordinate the entire process for the family so that they can properly grieve without having to do any funeral preparations and we prevent overspending at this very emotional time.  Our process allows for the deceased to be in complete control of how their final wishes are administered, it will cut down confusion on behalf of the loved ones with the choices of the deceased final wishes, it prevents the loved ones from overspending on funeral costs, and it prevents funeral homes from overcharging the family on funeral cost.

Who are We?

Memorial Gardens Insurance Services is a final expense life insurance company.  We offer whole life insurance protection only  Our goal is to help our clients by educating them on the benefits of whole life insurance.  We make the process of purchasing life insurance a simple and a hassle free process. We do things the old fashioned way, all of our agents are field agents, we come out to your home and sit down with our clients face to face and discuss our benefit packages that we offer.   We do not require health examinations, we do not ask your weight or height, and we insure most health conditions.  We just offer common sense underwriting.

What We do?

We offer final expense insurance which is a smaller amount of life insurance for the purpose of covering your final expenses before you expire.  Final expenses are things such as funeral and burials or cremation.  Death is just as natural as birth, and we all will have to dispose of our physical body.  We encourage our clients not to leave the burden of burying them on the family.  The family is already grieving because death is a very emotional process, we try to make this emotional process as stress free as possible.  

We insure from ages 1 month to 85 years old, up to 35,000, whole life coverage only. Whole life coverage is permanent coverage, payment will never change, policy amount will never increase or decrease, coverage will never expire as long as you make your monthly premiums, and you never have to ever qualify again, once approved. 

Areas We serve?

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee


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